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Heroin Drug Rehabs

Heroin addiction is a devastating condition that can be extremely difficult to stop. Heroin is a highly addictive and rapidly acting drug that is produced from morphine, which is a principal component of opium. When an individual uses heroin, it enters the bloodstream and is released very quickly into the brain. Specifically, heroin affects the areas of the brain that are responsible for both physical dependence and producing the sensation of reward in the body. Over time, the individual becomes unable to experience any good feelings without use of the drug and if they suddenly stop using it they begin to experience heroin withdrawal. If the individual stops taking heroin and are not in a heroin drug rehab setting, it is very likely that they will simply relapse back into use to avoid the negative symptoms.

This is the viscous cycle of heroin abuse and why it is so addictive. Heroin withdrawal symptoms can set in as early as 3-6 hours after the last use of the drug. They can be debilitating and the individual may experience intense drug cravings, changes in mood, depression, suicidal thoughts, severe muscle aches, achy bones, profuse sweating, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, high fever and insomnia and restlessness just to name a few. Sounds like fun doesn't it? This is why it is so hard to kick the heroin habit and why individuals who try to quit on their own have a very small chance of actually succeeding in doing so. If an individual who is addicted to heroin relapses during withdrawal, they are at a very high risk for overdose. To minimize these risks and symptoms, the best chance the individual has at beating them is to undergo a drug detox at a heroin drug rehab where they can have the support and care of medical staff and professional drug treatment counselors through this process.

One of the most alarming facts about heroin is that the individual can become addicted after just one use. Aside from the social problems that accompany heroin abuse including destroyed relationships, loss of job, possessions, etc., heroin use has all sorts of dangerous side effects and risks associated with it. Heroin adversely impacts the body's respiratory, circulatory, and central nervous systems. The effects on the lungs, heart, and brain can prove fatal when heroin overdose occurs. This can lead to respiratory or cardiac arrest, coma, and death.

When used in combination with other drugs, heroin use can have disastrous consequences especially when combined with alcohol, sedatives, barbiturates, and other prescription medication. User also put themselves at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis by sharing needles with other heroin users. Despite these negative consequences, individuals may still feel that they are unable to stop using the drug because of the physical and psychological dependence they have developed to the drug. Sometimes, loved ones may need to intervene to get the individual started in a heroin drug rehab treatment program before it is too late.

Whether the individual decides to get help at a heroin drug rehab on their own, or their loved ones intervene and get them that help, it is imperative that the individual get the professional help they need as soon as possible. There are types of heroin drug rehab, but most programs offer heroin detox, counseling and aftercare.

Heroin detox is the first step of any heroin drug rehab treatment program. The physical side of addiction is always the first to be addressed, especially with hardcore drugs such as heroin. The staff and medical professionals at the heroin drug rehab will work with the individual to get the drug out of their system and assist them through withdrawal. Once this is complete, the individual will have a clear mind and be able to focus on their treatment program instead of being bogged down in a drugged or withdrawal induced haze.

Once heroin detox is complete, whether at a long-term inpatient heroin drug rehab or a short-term program, counselors will work with the individual and through intense therapy and counseling find the reasons they began using heroin. Along with individual and group counseling, counselors will work with the individual to change their behavior patterns and the way they approach decision making in their lives. They will have the time to find out more about themselves and others which will help them cope with the real world once they are complete with treatment. The life tools that they gain through treatment at a heroin drug rehab will help them cope with life's obstacles which will result in better life choices and better relationships with others.

An inpatient long-term heroin drug rehab is truly the only proven and workable treatment method for heroin addicts. These programs can last anywhere from a few months to a year, and the individual has the opportunity to leave their destructive environment behind and be in a therapeutic one where they can focus solely on getting sober. During this time, the individual will be able to do the program at their own pace. They won't be in an environment with influences that may trigger heroin use, but in one that is free of drugs and things which may cause relapse. After all, they want to stay clear of things which may sabotage their treatment program.

Heroin addiction can be difficult to overcome. With the risks associated with withdrawal and overdose if quitting fails, it is not wise to attempt on one's own. There are no easy or quick solutions to heroin addiction. It will be a tough road, but a road that has been traveled successfully by many and recovery is possible. A heroin drug rehab offers the hope for a life free of drugs to those who just reach out for it. To get help for yourself or someone you care about, contact a professional drug treatment counselor at a heroin drug rehab today and see what treatment options are available. The sooner treatment is started, the sooner the individual can free themselves from the chains of addiction and get their lives back on track. Get help today.