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Heroin Drug Rehab

Heroin drug rehab is the most viable solution for finally breaking free from the powerful grip of a heroin addiction. The most important thing that an individual should look for in choosing treatment for an addiction to this powerful opiate is a heroin drug rehab that has a history of a high rate of success in treating this type of a substance abuse problem. A large body of research has reported that attending an inpatient heroin drug rehab program, will give an individual that is addicted to the drug the best possible chance at long term recovery. There are many different heroin drug rehab options that are currently available for an individual is that is seeking recovery treatment for a heroin addiction problem.

Major types of heroin drug rehab programs -There are two major types of heroin abuse treatment, which include residential and outpatient; both of these heroin drug rehab options offer comprehensive heroin abuse treatment, but they also have several key differences.

Residential heroin drug rehab program - This type of drug treatment allows the individual the opportunity to be able to reside in a drug free setting, away from their day to day responsibilities. A residential heroin drug rehab program gives the addict an opportunity to be able to focus solely on recovering from their heroin addiction. An inpatient residential heroin drug rehab program may require a stay of up to 6 months, which will allow ample time for all phases of drug recovery treatment to be addressed. A residential heroin drug rehab program allows individuals the opportunity to live side-by-side with other recovering addicts, which will allow them to have continual access to a solid support structure.

Outpatient heroin drug rehab program - An outpatient heroin drug rehab program will generally offer detox, and other various related treatment components. The most important distinction from a residential heroin drug rehab is that individuals that attend this type of heroin drug rehab program will attend sessions at the treatment center and then return home at the end of the day. In some circumstances, this type of drug recovery care can be a workable solution for those who must remain close to their families or need to be at work every day during the course of their treatment. It is important to note, in relation to heroin addiction drug rehab programs, residential inpatient treatment has consistently reported a much higher rate of long term success.

A heroin drug rehab program offers the support of professional staff members, in order to assist the heroin addict as they go through the difficult detox process; the treatment team will also walk hand in hand with the person, as they complete the remainder of the drug recovery program. Many times, even after the physical withdrawal symptoms of heroin have begun to subside, powerful psychological cravings will be present in the former user. It is at this point that a heroin relapse could potentially occur, but this is far less likely when the person has the support of a heroin drug rehab aftercare program.