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Heroin addiction can be a very heavy burden both physically and emotionally and can be a death sentence for most. Because of the chemical makeup of the drug and the way it affects its user, it is a highly addictive drug which can cause addiction even after one use. Heroin is produced from morphine, which is a main component of opium. When heroin is smoked, injected or snorted it enters the bloodstream and is released very quickly into the brain. The drug affects the areas of the brain that are responsible for both physical dependence and producing the sensation of reward in the body. With more and more use, the individual needs the drug to experience any good feelings at all because the brain stops producing its own pleasure inducing chemicals. So when an individual suddenly stops using the drug they begin to experience the physical and psychological symptoms of heroin withdrawal. If the individual is experiencing heroin withdrawal and isn't in a heroin drug rehabilitation program setting in Iowa, they will most likely start using heroin again to avoid this.

For those in Iowa that are caught up in heroin addiction, this is why it can be so hard to get off of heroin and stay away from the drug. When they do stop using the drug, either by their own choice or because they can't get their hands on more of the drug, heroin withdrawal symptoms can set in as early as 3-6 hours after the last use. The individual will typically experience intense drug cravings, changes in mood, depression, suicidal thoughts, severe muscle aches, achy bones, profuse sweating, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, high fever and insomnia and restlessness just to name a few. Heroin withdrawal is most often compared to a bad case of the flu, but only ten times worse.

Unless the individual is in heroin drug rehab center setting in Iowa, it can seem almost impossible to kick the heroin habit. This physical and psychological grip that heroin can have on its user is why individuals who try to quit on their own have almost no chance of actually succeeding in doing so. There are additional dangers if the individual does try and quit and then suffers a relapse. This puts them at a very high risk for overdose and this could lead to devastating consequences including death. All of this can be avoided if the individual is in a drug-free and safe environment at a heroin drug rehabilitation center in Iowa where they can undergo a drug detox under the supervision and care of medical staff and professional drug treatment counselors who will ease withdrawal symptoms and get the individual smoothly through this process.

It isn't hard to become wrapped up in any kind of addiction, especially hardcore drugs such as heroin. Heroin addiction can cause many social problems for the individual including loss of important relationships, trouble at work, legal problems, etc. More importantly, heroin use can cause dangerous side effects and there are serious risks associated with its use. For example, heroin use can have serious side effects on an individual's respiratory, circulatory, and central nervous systems. In the case of a heroin overdose, effects on the lungs, heart, and brain can lead to respiratory or cardiac arrest, coma, and even death. When used in combination with other drugs, heroin use can have disastrous consequences especially when combined with alcohol, sedatives, barbiturates, and other prescription medication. User also put themselves at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis by sharing needles with other heroin users. This is why it is so important that before it is too late, individuals who are abusing heroin get the help they need one way or the other. It is sometimes necessary for family and friends to intervene and get the individual started on a heroin drug rehab in Iowa. Whatever it takes, the individual must get treatment that will put an end to their self destruction.

At a heroin drug treatment center in Iowa, professional drug treatment counselors will work use one-on-one counseling, group therapy and other proven treatment methods to get down to the bottom of their addiction issues. They will work with the individual to educate them on how to make better choices and chance how they react to situations in their life, so they can have a better approach to these situations when they return home. Through education they will gain the life tools to be able to cope with tough situations and problems in their lives, and also be able to build new positive relationships and mend important ones.

For heroin addicts, there is no quick fix or easy solution. An outpatient drug rehab facility is most often not going to cut it for this level of physical dependence and addiction. Someone who is looking for an effective solution and wants to fix things in their life for good should seek treatment at an inpatient long-term heroin drug rehabilitation center in Iowa. This has been proven to work and is currently the most effective drug treatment environment available to heroin addicts in Iowa. This type of drug rehab center can last anywhere from a few months to a year and the individual will be able to do the program at their own pace. The benefit of being in an inpatient heroin drug rehabilitation program in Iowa is that the individual will not be in an environment with things that may trigger heroin use, but in one that has all of the support and resources necessary to focus solely on rehabilitation.

A heroin drug rehabilitation facility in Iowa offers the ray of hope that individuals and their loved ones have been looking for. Heroin addiction doesn't have to destroy your life or the life of someone you love. The destruction can end today and a new fresh start can replace all of that. Contact a professional drug treatment counselor at a heroin drug rehabilitation center in Iowa now. Get your questions answered and find out which treatment options are available for you today.